Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Security 2.0 will protect next-generation threats

Leading software solution provider Symantec Corp today announced its vision for protecting customers from next-generation threats targeting their information and interactions through the systems.

The concept Symantec calls 'Security 2.0' brings together an ecosystem of products, services, and partnerships to help customers remain confident in today's connected world.

Talking to newspersons here, Symantec Corporation Chief Technology Officer Mark Bregman said 'Security 2.0' broadens Symantec's focus to deliver next-generation security solutions that address the dynamic nature of business, the increase in real-time collaboration and online interactions, and the need for faster access to information.

'Security 2.0' delivers the next generation of security products and services that provide customers comprehensive protection, he said adding "for consumers, Symantec is building solutions based on the fundamental tenets of identity and reputation, which are critical to furthering confidence and trust online." Mr Mark said "for enterprises, Symatec is helping organisations to manage new types of security and compliance risks, enabling them to pursue the business advantages of increased information access for customers, employees, partners and suppliers." Outlining the role of Symantec's India centre for innovation in 'Security 2.0', Vice president of India Technical Operations Anil Chakravarthy said "about 36 per cent of Symantec's invention disclosures are filed from the India Centre." Commenting on how 'Security 2.0' will impact the Indian security landscape, he said according to Euromonitor, Indians with debit cards have grown from 0.25 million in 1999 to over 50 million now with Rs 1,000 billion in transaction value." "The sheer numbers and competitive pressures are driving organisations to embrace more online collaboration and information sharing among their increasingly distributed workforces and their suppliers and partners," he said adding "the ecosystem that 'Security 2.0' promises will ensure that Indian customers and enterprises are in a safe and secure connect world."

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